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Greetings Volunteers

Thanks for your interest NWWRF 2023. We are excited about this year's event and are looking forward to our new site at Bull Run!! This is the best site we have had in many years and we hope it will be our new home!!


See www.nwwrf.com for all the details.

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Please share these with all your friends and family and let them know that U are a part of the crew. Word of mouth is our best advertising!!


When U sign up your email address will be added to a group email server so watch for emails from us with more details on volunteering and the show.


We will be wanting 8 hours of volunteer time for a pass. U can also volunteer more if U want to get a guest pass for a family member. Youth under 16 are free.


U will get close in camping (U can also camp wherever U want), parking, a backstage volunteer area pass (some limits on this depending on acts) and snacks (please bring your own food) and a lot of fun!


Please email us to sign up at volunteer@nwwrf.com 

We will need the following:

Name. address, phone number and email and what crew U would like to be a part of.  


Please list the top 3 and tell us about your skills.

Crews available:

Set up crew: Thursday and Friday morning - set up location.

  We will start at 10 AM both days - we will have meals for this crew all day!

De Con crew: Sunday from 10 AM until 6 PM Help us put it all away!!

  U will have to leave a deposit or be cleared by us to be on this crew.

  This crew will also be provided meals! 

Parking: Assisting folks in getting parked in the right spot.

   This is mostly on Friday from Noon until 8 PM - some shifts on Saturday   

VIP and Backstage wristband checking: Checking wristbands at the side stage gate.

  This will be 4 hour shifts 4 PM - Midnight Friday and Noon - Midnight Saturday

Admission: Helping our admissions crew at the front gate  -  U will be able to

   hear the show from there

   This will be 4 hour shifts 2 PM - 8 PM Friday and Noon - 8 PM Saturday

Backstage crew: Assisting our wonderful backstage Manager.  This will be 4

  hour shifts 2 PM  - Midnight Friday and Noon - Midnight Saturday

General Store: Assisting our General store crew - coffee, tea, drinks , ice

  t-shirts, snacks and more are being sold there. The booth is close to the stage. 

 This will be 4 hour shifts 2 PM  - Midnight Friday and Noon - Midnight Saturday

Recycling crew: This will be a booth that will tell folks to pack it in and pack it

  out. If they bring it, take it home!! We are not a garbage company!!  We will

  take in returnables and have food waste cans near the food booths (which will

  be composted) and handwash garbage. U will walk the site looking for stuff on

  the ground and keeping the area looking good! The booth is in the vendor area

  so U will be able to see the show!

  This will be 4 hour shifts 4 PM - 8 PM Friday  and Noon - 8 PM Saturday


Thanks again for your interested in being a part of NWWRF 2023


Douglas Carnie

NWWRF 2023