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Northwest World Reggae Festival 2024  

Pfau Pfamily Pfarm 58885 E Marmot Rd Sandy, OR 97055


There will be great walk in camping this year, plus Car and RV camping

Car and RV camping will have a parking spot and an equal space next to your vehicle for tents, chairs ,etc. 

There will be rustic showers on site this year - Natural soaps only!! 

All folks are expected to pack it in- pack it out 


VIP passes this year will be great. Close to the stage area with your choice of RV, car or walk in camping. Plus side stage viewing area with VIP porta potties.


We will have Organic food booths this year along with are amazing craft vendors!! Welcome back Food vendors!!

The temps up on Mt Hood are alway a little lower than in the valley!!


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Please read and follow our guidelines for FUN!!

Charcoal BBQs (propane are ok, with a fire extinguisher)

Glass bottles

no private generators

no private sound systems

no nitrous tanks or illegal drugs

no private ATVs on site

no illegal vending (all vendors must be registered with the festival in advance)

Weapons, firearms, fireworks or firecrackers

Professional Photo/Video equipment including drones

Pets or other animals (certified service animals are permitted)

All vehicles and camps are subject to security inspection

All folks are expected to pack it in- pack it out 



A Photo ID

Drinking/camp water- lots of it (at least 1 gallon per person/ per day); please help us conserve water use on site.

Cooler and ice – *ice will also available for purchase on site.

Small tent and sleeping gear..

Layers of clothing – though it is hot in the day, nights can be quite chilly so make sure you’re prepared with layers.

Organic, biodegradable sunscreen/soap only

Flashlight – it can get dark in the campground at night so don’t forget this basic necessity (and bring plenty of batteries too!)


Please follow the following Guidelines


No open Flames - This includes candles, fire pits, charcoal barbeques 

Smoking only at YOUR Campsite, car or DESIGNATED AREAS

No walking and smoking in any area.

All camps sites must have either a 5 lbs fire extinguisher or a 5 gal bucket and shovel

All Vending booths must have a 5 lbs fire extinguisher.

There will be 5 lbs fire extinguishers on steel posts around the site (check your site map for details)

Please help to maintain a 15 foot wide fire road in all camping and parking areas

Follow all the directions from the festival staff and crew.

Report any fires, no matter how small, to the Security crew located at Front of House



As per State rules March 2022 - At risk people should still wear masks

These rules may change as we get closer to the event 



Please report any concerns to the Staff at Front of House.

Please be kind to each other and watch out for folks having any issues.

Lost Parents and Kids please report to the First Aid Station on Stage right.

Incase of injury we will call the local EMTs to assist you. Go to the First Aid Station

PLEASE DO NOT DRINK/SMOKE and Drive - Security will ask U at the gate if U are sober and will report anyone that we feel might be a danger to themselves or the public.